The Charlotte Anointing

Not long ago one of the interns shared with me that she heard The Spirit say that the NIT community (“Now, Interpret This!” Online School) has the “CHARLOTTE” anointing. At first, I was curious about this word and full of wonder as you can imagine! It was an amazing revelation once I realized that last Christmas as I was visiting my kids, I watched the movie (Charlotte’s Web) at least a hundred times with my granddaughter! Needless to say, it was her favorite. Completely oblivious of course, to the scenario of the story at that time. As I sat pondering upon this very strange message this morning, I began to see the reason Father would speak this over us. I could also see why He would orchestrate my seeing the movie so many times.

In the story as you may know, a young girl named Fern living on a farm saves the runt of the litter of piglets and names him Wilbur. I found it interesting that “Wilbur” means yes, wild boar, but in the German language is “resolute or brilliant”. I’m always amazed at the prophetic undertones that come out of Hollywood. Fern bonds with little Wilbur, becoming BFF’s (best friends forever) and she spends most of her time being an advocate to keep him “out of the frying pan”. In the story Wilbur is blessed with another advocate as well, but one much less traditional in friendship. This is Charlotte, the spider who vows to help keep Wilbur safe and eventually pulls all the other barn animals into her crusade. The barn rat is a scavenger, who is always pulling random things into his nest and Charlotte solicits his help to find “words”.

Charlotte then begins to be amazing herself by spinning into her intricate web, words that describe Wilbur, becoming more of a miracle than she already was. Actually, Charlotte begins to “prophesy” over the small supposed insignificant little pig! She calls him “Some Pig” and gains public knowledge of him as a local hero of sort. When Wilbur asks Charlotte what “Some Pig” does, she answers that it isn’t WHAT HE DOES, but WHO HE IS that is important and then encourages him to smile. The smile comes with a lifting of his head in a meaningful picture of self discovery, realizing he is special just the way he is. Charlotte used a network of “weaving or webbing” to direct attention and validity toward Wilbur. Father does the same thing when He connects us to those whose heart is to shine the light on our individual beauty.

In the end, Wilbur is left at Charlotte’s death to oversee the “delivery” of her egg sack, which she called her “Magnum Opus”, meaning “great work” in Latin. As all the tiny spiders begin to hatch, all but three drift away on the wind to begin their lives and their own work. This is a beautiful depiction to me, of how Father gives us as leaders, people to train, mentor and mature only to have to send them off into the fullness of their call and destiny. We often have an investment of blood, sweat and tears on the line, in relationship.

We have loved, watched after and given what we have to benefit the growth of those we oversee. But our “Magnum Opus” can only influence, as we release those young ones into who they were created to be. This is where we impact society, culture and the world. By releasing what has been nurtured and cultivated to thrive and move freely, in the expression of Father’s vision for each of us. As parents, we are aware that we will need to “let go” when it is time, yet it is still difficult when the time comes.

I do believe, and we see this on a very regular basis; that NIT is called to love and bring up those who have a heart to raise and release others; and that have not found themselves welcome or free, to operate in a normal social (traditional church) community. I guess that makes us the barn/house where the unexpected, unpredictable and supposed insignificant, can shine. We seem to draw those who are committed to be trained to go out by The Spirit, to fulfill a very specific mandate. We are called and ordained to see the unexpected in each person, and call it out. We are called to prophesy the heart of God over those He brings us, no matter their status or success. We pray that Father will continue to use us as a “Charlotte” ministry; calling out greatness in those we are connected with. We strive to establish a “great work” that brings freedom and liberty to those who are challenged in their call. By the way, the meaning of “Charlotte” is “Free Man”.

(I would encourage you to find and see the movie with Dakota Fanning as Fern and Julia Roberts as the wise voice of “Charlotte”. It is well worth your viewing.)

Melody Paasch

Melody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by hearing Creator's heart and intent. Connect with her on Facebook if you can't find her in Starbucks!

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