Spontaneous Road Warriors

Spontaneous Road Warriors! Saturday evening, August 2, 2014 the interns and I were driving back to Colfax, WA from Palouse Falls during our Summer Intern Retreat. There were eleven of us in four different vehicles, heading back to our hotel. While at the falls, we prayed briefly over the river, the land and the region. We made a deposit there on the land as well. Interesting, that it was soil and elements of the land from our own homes, which we sensed secured spiritual authority for our prayer initiative. One of the interns had received this direction for us, having no idea at the time what it was for. After our prayer, I had a strong sudden nudge that we were done, and should leave right away. Each of us climbed into the cars, and prayed protection over our return for the night.

Along the way, a couple of our seers saw angels accompanying our vehicles with their swords out-stretched. To our surprise, we quickly came upon a terrible accident. It had just taken place. A mini-van had swerved to miss some deer on the road; and that van carrying a precious family of five, spun out of control and flipped. When we arrived the husband was still in the car, the oldest daughter had been thrown many feet out into a dark rocky ditch. It took a while to find her. The wife and other two daughters were banged up, but fine.

We waited for over 30 minutes before the arrival of the ambulance, as each of our eleven took a post. There was little conversation and little need for instruction. We just all knew where to be and where we were called to minister. This was a stunning picture of unity! We each reported to our commissioned post to pray. Each believing in faith that God’s hand was on this husband and all of his family.

The Lord sent, not only the eleven interns with me to pray, but also other travelers who loved and trusted God to pray and cover them. The family was surrounded by random believers sending prayers to the throne. Each one doing whatever was needed to help. The medics were all aware of our work, and cordially released us to our duties as we carefully stayed out of their way. Even asking some of us for help at times. It was obvious that they could only do so much, as was conveyed in their kind regard toward each of us.

We were in the middle of nowhere, and even the medics were improvising until they could get this man to a care flight for his hospital transport. They couldn’t get the helicopter where we were, and there were only very small hospitals in the area and they too, were not that close. We were all there for nearly an hour before the ambulances got Brian and his oldest daughter off to the hospital.

No one left their post the whole time. We had interns stationed at the rear, who remained in the car to pray. Some were waving flags on the side of the highway, doing spiritual warfare on the family’s behalf. Still others were with Ashley in the ditch and others covered Amber, the daughter who had been driving. Some went back and forth between the daughters, the wife and Brian; declaring all trauma be broken off each of them and calling life into Brian’s physical body.

One intern saw the four in the car with her, in the heavenly court room before The Father as advocates for the family. She sensed that the reason for the previous dirt release at the falls, was to secure the authority that we needed to pray on the land for this family. Then she got the glory flags out of the car, which another intern constructed, and several began to wave them in the air. The passers-by watched the glittering flags snapping in the wind in the beams of their headlights, with awe and curiosity. We were truly on assignment!

Back on the scene, one of the interns played old hymns on her harmonica over Brian as the medics worked to keep him with us. The other four unknown travelers each had their place as well, and not one left before the ambulances. The whole scene of this corporate response, was eloquently orchestrated by the hand of God. No one could have planned what we all witnessed that night. Several of us saw Brian take leave of his body, but continued to speak life to the situation.

Brian was a mere 43 years of age, and we knew in our hearts that his family needed him. We believed that God had covered this family, as He had covered all those He had ordained to be there at that very moment to offer comfort, encouragement and prayer. We later heard that Brian was pronounced brain dead upon arrival to the hospital. His skull had been crushed and he had only been semi-conscious the whole time we were with him at the scene of the accident.

What we didn’t know was that he was an organ donor. Upon arrival, the hospital placed him on life support to preserve his organs. To our deep sadness, Sunday morning he went home to be with Jesus. We knew that we had all done everything required of us, on his behalf. Later, at his memorial celebration, we learned that he was a passionate lover of God and an extreme sports adventurer. A loving husband and extraordinary father.

He had apparently kept his body in such excellent condition, that a quoted eighty-one people received life or help at Brian’s departure. There are actually eighty-one people who now carry a part of Brian Johnson’s DNA! He lives on in the many bodies and lives of his donor recipients. That is surely abundant life!

Something later became quite clear to me, while sitting with friends visiting about a similar event. I could suddenly see that one of the things Papa had used us for that night, was to cleanse the memory of Brian’s DNA. Little did we know, that Brian’s tissue and organs were going to bring life to others, who might have experienced the torment of his trauma. Our tissue and cells have memory, you know. Just as our brains do.

It has been established in many cases, that those who receive organ donations at times, suffer the memory of the subsequent shock of the violence and death of their donor. We had all been there coming against the memory of any trauma, not only in the lives of Brian’s family, but in his body as well. Not only is there the possibility of the donor recipient experiencing the trauma that the donor suffered, but the redemption of this is that they can also receive the anointing and gifts that were within him. Wow!!! We release the anointing of Brian Johnson to each of his donor recipients now! He was a kind, loving and loyal friend, who directed others to Jesus.

We could have never known at the time, what impact we and the others might have had in the spirit realm. Now, having more understanding of just one of God’s initiatives, this seems even more amazing than I or any of us could have imagined. What a revelation! This is the way our God works, on every side of every situation and on every level and dimension of what is needed. He is so intentional in all that He does. Thank you, Lord for using us and the others you pulled off the road, in the darkness of your “Secret Service” that night. We are among those honored to be in Brian’s presence, for even just a moment.

Melody Paasch

Melody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by hearing Creator's heart and intent. Connect with her on Facebook if you can't find her in Starbucks!

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