Spontaneous Kingdom Releases

There are times when you are just going about life that God will ask you to be flexible. I’m all for having a structured schedule so that you can get things done, but when Creator chooses to break in, will you let Him? Yesterday I was weary and slept in past my normal time to rise (this rarely occurs). It of course, knocked my whole schedule off, but hey, it WAS Sunday, after all. When I got down to the Old Town Tacoma water front where I often enjoy walking, I had a wonderful surprise. I was walking along asking Spirit what He wanted to talk about. Now, I’ve been planning a blog about spiritual undertones and benefits of the new rising addictive game, Pokeman Go. So, it didn’t surprise me when His answer seemed to be, “Interview some folks about the game.” I often see many playing as I am out walking these days. So, it’s never difficult finding someone to converse with about it.

I went along interviewing several individuals on my way, and felt like I had what I needed after my 4th interview. I thanked the father and sons that I had just spoken with and was walking away headed toward my car. I noticed two young gentleman sitting on a bench looking at their phones and yes, just had to ask, “Are you guys playing Pokeman Go?” They both looked up with an affirmative shaking of the heads, and I knew that I needed just one more interview. As I spoke to them during the interview, I began hearing some things by The Spirit about both of these guys. They were so precious and The Spirit was tugging at my heart to speak to them about more than the game. When we completed the interview, I asked if I could talk to them about some other things and one was fine with me videoing, while the other wanted his off the record. I gratefully agreed. 

I am always so humbled and completely blown away when Creator shines a light on an individual, because He has intricately set a specific appointment in the spiritual realm to creatively speak into them. It’s like He planned these moments from before their very birth, right? He knew where they would be on such and such day and decided that they would need to hear His voice. Have you been the recipient yet, of one of these rare and lovely events?

Now, it doesn’t happen every time I go out of the house, but I have learned to make myself available when He chooses to use me. These special moments are not something that we as humans can conjure up and make happen. It is only by staying closely within earshot of Creator, that we can be used in His efforts in other people’s lives. Sometimes, I think all that He is looking for is a willing subject, who is not afraid to put themselves out there. Of course, it also helps if you remain flexible and can learn to move with His nudge and flow.

God skillfully weaves a moment, which we perceive oftentimes as chance for a divine window in time. It’s a beautiful thing and I love it when He chooses to use me! It’s the most incredible adventure, having the opportunity to hear God’s heart for another person and to see their reaction when He speaks clarity, promise and love into them. Wow!! It’s got to be one of my very favorite activities with God! I do also need to interject here, that after Spirit spoke to each of these young men, they shared the conversation they were having upon my arrival. And do you know, that much of it was covered in the release of Spirit’s words? God is, and I always say this, A GENIUS!!!! I know that I’m stating the obvious, but sometimes it just needs to be stated. 🙂

See the video and hear how this young man was blessed to get confirmation for his life from a loving God who wants us to know about the plans He has for us. Let’s all stand in agreement with all of heaven that Creator God’s plans will come to pass in and through Michael’s life. Shall we?  

PS: For teaching purposes, I had already asked earlier in the conversation if I could place my hand upon his arm, and I had already established that he was a believer. It’s always best to honor people and ask before moving into their personal space and discern where they are spiritually as to what language you use. (www.melodypaasch.com)

Melody Paasch

Melody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by hearing Creator's heart and intent. Connect with her on Facebook if you can't find her in Starbucks!

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Patricia McClanahan - September 3, 2021 Reply

Hi Melody. I was wondering if you are still offering prophetic services. I would be interested if you can fit me in. I have inquired before and received your mp3 and appreciate it. I have other issues that I need clarification in regards to my love life and need direction in that process because I’m at a stage in my life that I need to make decisions soon on what to do.


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