Melody's Prophetic Movie of the Month Club

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Get prophetic enlightenment through movies, which facilitate your deeper metaphoric vision and language.

How it Works:

A New Movie Each Month

You'll get a mix of action, drama and children's films that you'll need to rent.  These will not be overtly Christian films with obvious messages.   

You'll Get a Study Guide With It

This will help you to extract it all!  Many of us get the overall, but there are many little gems in these movies that you don't want to miss!

Have a Movie Night at Your House!

More people to discuss the prophetic symbolism means more fun and more epiphanies! 

Listen to Melody Pull Detail

She'll unpack so much you'll see the light.  

 Upon subscribing, you'll receive an email directing you to which movie you will need to rent/watch along with your study guide.  Later you'll receive an mp3 from me, processing the information in it.  In the commentary recording, I comb through the prophetic details of the monthly movie pulling out the metaphoric messages that are below the surface of the film's story line. This is a comprehensive way to learn metaphoric language for the purpose of seeing prophetically in our mainstream media. This is an in-depth look at the often covert inscription under the main plot. 

Melody's Movie's is an intriguing way to grow your prophetic capabilities. It's fun and timely, and you learn without even realizing it. She will point out things in the movie and show you how it relates to your own personal life. One movie in particular, showed us clearly what the meaning of dream within a dream was. Its a concept that is hard to describe, at times. But, after watching the movie and listening to Melody's insights, I now clearly get the concept of deep and deeper levels in dream interpretation. Every time I watch a movie with Melody, I learn something new. And it's taught in a way that is so understandable: you have the visual of the movie and Melody's explanation, a perfect combination.


I've always liked going deeper with a movie, often watching a good one several times to catch the nuances. But Melody has given me a whole new way of pondering cinema prophetically. Now my I find myself going into the spiritual implications and truths, which has added a whole different level to the story. "3-D" movie watching has taken on a whole 'nother meaning and has been a great exercise to get much more out of my dreams and thoughts.

I love the movie reviews. Melody always chooses a movie that can provide a learning experience, one that after watching and discussing, is an aha moment. I have never experienced watching movies and think about the prophetic side of it, now I want to watch more!!  The movies are truly a very helpful teaching tool that along with Melody's insight help you understand more, and provide guidance on things to be aware of that maybe you are not paying attention to.  Love the movie nights!!!


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Recently I attended a retreat with Melody and the students. We watched  a movie for a prophetic session and the movie was "Inception". I had seen the movie several time before, however, that day had been a very full day of teaching. Melody's teaching is very, very in depth. So when she said we were going to have a movie night, I thought is was going to be a time of relaxation with very little thought process going on.  As the movie started, I began to notice the scenes and see things within the scenes that took on a different meaning than when I had watched the movie before. It was amazing how I saw things entirely different!  The movie took on an entirely different meaning for me... The retreat, the teachings, were all one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. We do not think twice about investing in ourselves from a material standpoint. What about a spiritual investment? The dividends are out of this world.

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