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Moscow, ID Renaissance Fair

Join us April 30 & May 1, 2016 at the Renaissance Fair in booth #20!

    Visit us to receive one of the following! (We work for tips)

    • DESTINY READINGS - We tap into your purposed destiny and characteristics of your individuality, calling out your gifts and call.
      • DREAM HEALING - We go deeply into the data that is revealed in your dreams, giving recommendation for resolution and redemption to current issues in your life that are processed there.
    • DNA READINGS - We look into your bloodline to see where aspects of trauma or injury have stunted your growth, calling out your spiritual inheritance.

    CLICK HERE for your map. (Stop by and see us in booth #20 and receive a free destiny scroll to take home! It's  our version of the fortune cookie. 😉 (We would advise that you bring a digital recorder if you want to record your personal readings as listed below. They are well worth holding onto and it's difficult to remember them after a day in the sunshine and fun!)

    Information about training with our Intuitive Center  www.nowinterpetthis.org

    Melody Paasch, founder of "Now, Interpret This! Prophetic and Dream Studies" and "Dreamspeech Intuitive Center" is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic voice, and dream interpreter. Her desire is to see people move into their destiny by hearing Creator's heart. She travels nationally and internationally spreading fresh illumination of Creator's love to those in workshops, businesses, homes, Starbucks or wherever. An experienced dream interpreter, she has a gift for awakening the gifts in others, with practical teaching and activation. There have been many trainees go through the Intuitive Center and they are from all over the globe. The training is all done online, and there is a very close knit community right on the internet. Melody's training, resources, and personal ministry help others to comprehend and take appropriate action in response to their direction in dreams and their life's calling. www.melodypaasch.com