Death Of Your Gift Before It’s Time

A dear friend went to be with Jesus early this morning. I have prayed for him and wished for all the best for him; though not always stayed in touch. His wife has been keeping me abreast of his condition over the past week or so and I heard of his passing today. He believed that God had given him a very specific task to carry out, which kept him busy for many years. It often seemed that nothing was coming of all his devoted efforts.

To the time of his death, this vision may have looked to be unfulfilled. Consequently many, including himself felt that his time was not yet up here on the earth. My heart aches for those left behind, believing for a healing that looks never to arrive. Yes, those who read the Bible know that death in the physical sense is the ultimate healing. That true peace is there in your Savior’s arms. Haven’t you heard it a million times and wondered how that was supposed to help you through your grief?

Just a little history. My Mother passed at the young age of 63 at a time when I really needed her. I fought through the following years wondering why she never realized the beautiful and rare call and vision that was upon her life. She was too young, a true lover of God and a blessing to many who knew her. I saw her through the eyes of faith and recognized great potential within her. She had plans. Plans that she had received from The Father… Plans never fulfilled. Have you experienced a loss like this? I would venture that we all have, and I’m so sorry for your personal pain.

The loss of my Mother took the wind right out of my sails and the faith out of my life for some years to come. It was a dark battle that I would not win. I felt I could not breathe. She was my very best friend! Grief and anger gripped me. Oh, I still loved God, but absolutely did not trust Him with what was important to me. Can you relate? I felt that The Father had taken her before the cusp of coming into something great. Something she herself was not even aware of. That she had slipped away before her time.

Over the following years, I spent many hours consorting with The Father on this subject and I may have a word of comfort for those who suffer the loss of a loved one in what they consider an untimely death. I hope that my testimony helps you, but if it doesn’t I still send comfort and love your way. 🙂 My Mother shared with me once, that Father had asked her to write a book. She asked me to co-author it with her, and on her death bed (none of us knew that her time was so near and that we were about to lose her) she asked me to pray and ask for the title of the book. She knew that she would be healed because the book had of course, not yet been written. I stood in that belief with her.

Within days, I was dressing to go to the hospital to visit her, when in me dropped the title of the book. I won’t share it here because that book has yet to be written, but I rushed to her side to share it with her, only to find that she had few more breaths to take. I was devastated, and postured for a greater battle if it took it to save her life! The next few days however, found my faith and stamina waning, as I watched her suffer, fighting for every breath.

Admitting to defeat, I asked The Father to take the pain from my sweet Mother, and take her home to a beautiful place. One that she so deserved and that He had prepared for her. I couldn’t watch her suffer any longer and I went to her to tell her so. I recall seeing in her eyes what looked to be surprise and at the same time, relief that I would let her to go. Then she slipped away.
In confronting The Father about her death, (It was a confrontation, believe me!) He gently, kindly and lovingly released very small nuggets along the way to answer my questions and resolve my angst. First, I was confronted myself with the task of writing the book. To carry out what should have been her mantel and not mine! This made me angry and my resistance grew stronger. Funny, how we fight against what God has placed within us, based upon circumstances built around our lives that we THINK we understand.

Let me just say, that the call of God on our lives does not change. However, our circumstances and our choices in the matter will alter whether we successfully fulfill that call in the earth or not. Remember, Father knew you (your spirit man) before you were knit together in your Mother’s womb and before the foundations of the earth were built. He was the FIRST to know you! When He released us into the earth realm, we were put in the care of other humans. They raised us to (most likely) the best of their capacity and ability. Not to say that this was a perfect environment, but one that we would thrive in. Some were more positive than others, of course. The sociology that you were raised in and the upbringing that you received, influenced the way you saw yourself and God.

It also influenced all the choices you would make for your life. You grew up and chose to go to school or not. You met someone and married, you moved to a specific area and then did or did not have children. All these choices are a natural part of life’s cycle, but what we forget is the choices we make, may not line up with the call that is upon us. Most of us (in my experience anyway) don’t have a clue about our call until we are well into adulthood. Most of us were not raised in an environment, which cultivates the God given spiritual gifts that are within us. The essence of who we are.

The natural gifts are commonly mined in relationship to a career or life direction, but most of society is not yet aware that there is more to life than a “living.” However, some circles are getting there. My parents did train and encourage me in all things Godly and for that I am grateful, but until I was in my 40’s I didn’t realize that the prophetic was so much part of who I am. Likewise, I didn’t realize that the mate I would choose would either encourage or discourage my gifts. I didn’t realize that the direction I would take in life would either set the course for, or derail my call. Who knew I even had one? That the choices I would make would even influence whether I had the finances to fulfill the call or frustrate the vision all together. Maybe I was under the impression that things would turn out just fine no matter what I did… Unfortunately, not exactly true.

So, I spent most of my life (and so did my Mother) unaware of my true identity. I should have had a clue, because Mother was highly prophetic, though it was never something that was taken seriously. I guess you could say that it was more of a household joke, the way I recall it anyway. It is a fact as much in the spiritual as in the natural, that talents are passed down through the bloodline. We will resemble those who raised us up and God often places us with those who have like giftings. His desire is that those gifts and talents be developed.

No matter the choices I was influenced to make or made; the call of God upon my life never changed. My life circumstances did, however. Our call may be sidetracked by our choices along the way, but The Father never forgets what He has placed within us. He gives every opportunity He can in the earth for our fulfillment, as we can receive it. At times we are not able to receive because of ignorance on our part, or our own desires and plans get in the way.

Nevertheless, Father can and will fulfill His vision within us. You see, His vision for our lives is one of affinity. It never goes away, never expires. Your time is never up for the call of God on your life. He has placed within each of us an infinite result for Heaven and earth. What He has called you to do, is FOR THE EARTH AND WITH THE HEAVENS! He has called you to co-labor with His eternal desire and all of Heaven; bringing freedom to all mankind. This is what every vision (though all look different) will accomplish.

This has been God’s mandate as far back as the fall of mankind. So, we are all to labor with Him in this effort. Obviously, all these talents and skills boil down to a more specific outcome, but overall, this is His desire. When we fulfill our call in the earth, there is a new dimension that opens up to those who live on the earth. Those who have broken and set records in accomplishing something for the very first time, do so with the promise that many will then come behind them and do the same and greater. We as a population advance forward by the fulfillment of each individual call. The fulfillment opens a way for greater advancement.

We collectively benefit from each and every success. It happens in Heaven simultaneously as it happens on the earth. When those in the earth do not fulfill their purpose for whatever reason, I believe they continue their work and see the fulfillment in Heaven. Heaven is a place where we can continue to accomplish our call, use our talents and be who we were created to be. Heaven works WITH us to fulfill necessary mandates FOR the earth, to bring greater advancement of collective and individual freedom.

I do not believe that Heaven is a place where one sits on a cloud 24/7 or even spends every moment in the throne room. I believe that God has work for us in that place. Work to continually accomplish, produce and fulfill what He has created us for. He designed us with purpose and we live for purpose. I was unaware for many years what my Dad’s heart’s desire was. He had always seemed very discontent in his life and I never knew why. As he reached his 80’s I decided it was time to ask the question.

What I found out was quite amazing, really. He had always been highly gifted in music. He was a worship leader and had an outstanding baritone voice. He was extremely anointed in his singing; and when he passionately belted out his songs, it brought tears to many in the congregation. He had always used his gifts in a church setting and had also surrendered to preach and did so for many years. So, it came as a surprise to me that what he had always secretly desired to do was lead a “Big Band”.

I suppose in the culture of his environment, a traditional denominational church, it was not an option to use his gifts in the secular world. My grandfather was a preacher and his belief was that to use your talents in the church was the highest call and it is, but it was never considered that my Father’s skill could be used for God OUTSIDE of the church. He had lived his life believing that there was only one venue where he could use what his Creator had gifted him with. I remember after his death wondering what he was doing now.

One night I had a dream. It was a beautiful dream about my Dad and what I saw was his smiling face filled with passion, leading a huge band and choir in Heaven while glorifying God. It was not a church choir. It was a spectacular site! Upon waking, I heard The Lord say, “Don’t worry, I’ve already given him his own band and choir!” And with a sweet smile and love in His eyes, I knew that He was telling me that my Dad was fulfilling his call. So, what about my Mother? She too is fulfilling her call. I have not been shown the details, but I know that she is laboring with The Father just as my Dad is.

Remember that David was called as a man of war, but wanted to build God a temple? His son Solomon had the call to build the temple, instead. Well, I have self published two books so far, and am in the process of my third. I know that what my Mother is doing and did in her time on earth, opened the portal of favor and possibility for me to write the books I have written thus far. And the book she felt called to write, well, it too is in the works. I don’t think it will look like she expected, but it will happen in Father’s time. Her life secured the success that was needed for me to move forward and what I do, will open a new portal for my own child and grandchildren.

God will accomplish that which He has determined and set His mind to. He can use us here on the earth and in Heaven as well. He is not limited to our life span or our earthly achievements. He will use our destiny to punch through an invisible veil to open the way for those who walk the path behind us. Sometimes we think that God is smaller than He is, and that He needs us in the earth for fulfillment. I disagree. Yes, some are taken before their time, but I also believe that The Father can achieve what they were called to do here in the earth, whether they are laboring here with us or with Him in Heaven. What He has created within us is FOR THE EARTH AND WITH THE HEAVENS!

Melody Paasch

Melody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by hearing Creator's heart and intent. Connect with her on Facebook if you can't find her in Starbucks!

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