December 1, 2013

A Hard Truth


As we are hearing Father in how to deliver His heart to “any” people group, we need to understand that our language is extremely important. I know that I continue to harp on how we word our messages and I do this because, I feel Father is leading some of us to be a school, which equips a group to speak to the world in a lingo that they can understand and receive. I encourage all of us to learn to deliver His heart and thoughts without “Christianese, Churchianity or Religiosity”.

I encourage the Body of Christ to be consistent in an effort to draw individuals to The Father by releasing what EVERY human being needs, The LOVE OF GOD. We want to be prepared when we do go out and have the opportunity to speak to individuals in the streets, stores, coffee shops and elsewhere. If we desire a platform from which to speak into people, we’ll need to learn a language that is palatable.

“Christianese” is merely a form of semantics. It’s speaking to a relative group, excluding those who have not studied the Holy Bible in King James or other acceptable versions. It excludes those who have not been in a Traditional Church setting.

“Churchianity” is theology based upon what we learned from and in the Church, probably starting in our earliest involvement, and for some of us that was childhood. Again, this language is exclusionary to those who have not been raised in the church or worst yet, have been wounded by the church. What we learn in the church is not for us to keep and hold in secret. It is for us to take out and share, but done with a vernacular that excludes, will not bring in a harvest.

“Religiosity” is judgement based upon a limited relationship, one that is only with those who are in agreement or acquiescence with our personal and cultural, knowledge or perception. Those who are not in agreement with our knowledge or perception are excluded from our club and likewise, our language.

Unfortunately, the attitude of religiosity itself speaks without us even opening our mouths. If judgment is in our heart, then it will most definitely flavor (in a very distorted manner) the words we release, even if they are from Father’s heart.

I believe that the attached image is how the “religious” look to those who need and desire to hear and see THE LIVING GOD. The finger over the mouth is a prophetic reference of honoring our own words, rather than the heart and words of The Father. We may be perceived as cold, hard, and full of pride. We look like “death” instead of “life” to those who hunger and thirst for “truth”. Ask Father so share what is on HIS HEART, and leave your judgement and knowledge behind.

See if the experience “opens” people to WHO GOD IS, rather than slamming a potential door in your face, because honestly ~ they don’t care WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM. They are only interested in experiencing HIM IN A PERSONAL WAY FOR THEMSELVES. When we get past everything being about us and what we know; we will have a message that people can receive. I believe that this is Father’s heart for the Body.

Melody Paasch

Melody is an experienced teacher, speaker, prophetic/intuitive voice, and night dream practitioner. Her desire is to see people step into their original destiny by hearing Creator's heart and intent. Connect with her on Facebook if you can't find her in Starbucks!

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